AMIGA Premier League

Since September 2022,  we have a new online league: The Amiga Premier League! Also know as the tactic (tacticzku) league ?

No matter if you’re completely new or number 1 in the global ranking, if you dare, you can join the premium league. APL follows the same rules as ASL, except the use of custom tactics is allowed in the APL in all games, but you can also use a built-in/classic tactic if you prefer. No relegations, no promotions. Another feature that makes APL the right place for the daring is that SRN is multiplied by 1.5, so you either win big or lose big. In a way, it’s like playing three seasons in two months! ? Are you up for the challenge?

Links to the tactic archives:

Welcome to a new level of fun!
Contact: Zafer Gezgin