Welcome to our Community

This Website is made for SWOS Friends and Players. Our Project runs since 2001 and has a lot of Supporters which are responsible for Content and Structure.

The Main Goal of the Website is bringing togehter SWOS Players online and offline. Everyone who likes SWOS is invited to be part of the Community.

We dont have any commercial Goals. We only want to score Goals in the SWOS Way of Life. Every Structure of this website has grown over many years with a lot of discussions and rule updates.

The whole project is just an hobby, so dont be angry, when we cant answer very fast on your questions (in Chat or Social Media). But be sure, we will answer and help you to play SWOS!

If you want to play or communicate with our community, you have to ask in our chatrooms. There is no automation like a game lobby or game finder. You will need to communicate, online and offline.

The Parts of our Website

User Information

Registered User may play Tournaments and other matches which affect our rankings. So its possible to see how many players play and how big their SWOS skill may be (modified ELO Rankings for AMIGA and PC). You may see all the history and stats you like. If there is missing something, just tell ElMichaJ and he will set it up soon.

Ranking Stats will be updated when a played tournament has finished. There are Cups which only lasts one day. Online seasons lasts one month. It is also possible to play some OneOnOne (OOO) Matches, where you play 1 to 10 matches vs one opponent and then enter these results. After 5 minutes these matches are calculated in rankings!


We share files and screens about SWOS, and also the new community version SWOS2020!



Here we got all our discussion about rules, gaming, scoring and SWOS religion related things. Some discussions were or are still really hot!


We have generated a lot of several cups and rankings. The ideas and rules came from our members and are still being developed.

Fun Cups

We have a lot of smaller and bigger fun cups.

Some cups are just spontanous if enough players want to play and a tournament admin will help. They could be ranked, but it is not a must.

There are also cups for special competitions of the real world like World Cups, Champions League or National Leagus with special updated teams. It depends on your skill which teams you are allowed to play. Sometimes it is just random.

Online Leagues

Historical grown we have some several Online Leagues. Each Season will be play in a month. Start and end are clear. There are no deadline breakers.

ASL ( https://sensiblesoccer.de/online-leagues/asl )

-- National Leagues

-- ISSF Cups

- Rankings and OOOs

How to join Online Gaming

First you should register on our website:


You need an account for playing leagues and rankings. This account works also for the forum.

We have a live chat server on Discord. You will need that for sure for live questions and answer for the game and to find opponents of your leagues or playing some friendlies.

For playing you need our online AMIGA Version, where you can connect to kaillera server.



When you enter the discord chat, you can ask players for playing some online matches.

How to join Offline Gaming

Most Offline Events have an entry on our Calendar and a topic in Forum.

You also may ask admins in Discord Chat.

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