November '18 season of ASL


Congrats Nestoroide for winning another title!! Cementing yourself on No.3 of the all-time medal table with title No. 16! PATIGOAL,  arcisas, Nyden have been eaten by the sharks! Come back stronger, guys! [ASL1 Nov...] Fanto tops the charts of ASL2 in November, winning promotion to ASL, together with gatifun and peppecapello! Well done, boys. Now, swim or DIE!!!! BOCo, dear dear, taking the non-stop-elevator from ASL1 to ASL3... pushed the wrong buttons, dude? Come on, you can do better! [ASL2 Nov...] Congrats to HairFU, without taking his hands from his pockets going straight back to ASL2. Great debut seasons by quarenzo and titi, taking no detour and going directly to ASL2. [ASL3 Nov...] HAVE A GREAT WINTER SEASON IN ASL1, ASL2 and ASL3 (DEC-JAN).
2018-12-02 00:17:41