SWOS whdload 2.3 released

Finally, the last bugs are solved. SWOS whdload 2.3 is ready. JOTD did an amazing job!
Get the installer here: http://www.whdload.de/games/SWOS.html

Here is SWOS 96/97 whdload 2.3 ready for you to download:

Please report back if you experience any issues. Thank you!

@2024-05-20 02:41:23 by Playaveli


It is perfect timing before Sensible Days. Already installed it and playtested on 2 of my Amiga 1200s. If we don't find any huge bugs or flaws we will definately use this version at the world cup.
@2024-05-20 21:44:16 by djowGer

Great news!
A good question Solkersen23 and let me quickly respond to it. This is an important release of lha package for native Amiga with WHDLoad. Older versions had an annoying bug incl. being unable to run this with less than 2MB chip RAM (basically not possible on Amiga 500 even with Pistorm). Now you can easly run it. It's also a base for lha releases of updated SWOS 2020 so it was a matter of time until it arrives here with original DB from 96/97. For anyone playing offline tournaments this is a great news! Really appreciate this share Playavelli! :-))))
@2024-05-20 13:59:46 by EMPI

Hi! What exactly is SWOS whdload 2.3? : )
@2024-05-20 10:03:58 by Solkersen23